Frank W. Pulley

Pastor & CEO

Indigenous to Blytheville, Arkansas, Frank W. Pulley is the Pastor, organizer and Executive of Tabernacle of Yeshua Church, located in Denver, Colorado. Together with his wife Elizabeth, Pastor Pulley founded Tabernacle of Yeshua Church in February 2015.

After accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in September 1996, Pastor Pulley served as Deacon in training and headed the custodial ministry at Joy Tabernacle Holiness Church in Aurora, Colorado. He then became Head Deacon at Joy Tabernacle. He was licensed and ordained as Elder on July 17, 2011 by Apostle Johnnie Smith at Joy Tabernacle. He then served as Assistant Pastor to Jonathan Renfroe who is now Pastor at Joy Tabernacle Holiness Church.

After serving 18 years at Joy Tabernacle, he accepted God’s call to go into all the world to preach the gospel and to establish Tabernacle of Yeshua Church to worship the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to preach and teach the Gospel of both Old and New Testaments, to expound with clarity and simplicity to make theological concepts clear even to the youngest person. Pastor Pulley and First Lady Elizabeth L. Pulley desire to build healthy communities of faith.

Pastor Pulley, with his wife as his help mate, founded Tabernacle of Yeshua Church. Consistent with God’s calling and consecration, education and experience, Pastor Pulley has organized a church and non-profit religious and charitable organization to provide specialized service to individuals and families who often live on the fringes of society.

Pastor Pulley is the father of six children including Michael, Anthony and Turrell. He and First Lady Elizabeth L. Pulley are blessed with three children together, Tanicka, Frank, Jr. and Naomi. Together they have fourteen grandchildren.

Elizabeth Pulley

Pastor’s Wife

I Elizabeth Pulley am the wife of Pastor Frank Pulley and help mate, founder of Tabernacle of Yeshua Church which was open for service on May 3, 2015. I and Pastor Frank Pulley together are blessed with 6 children and 14 Grand Children.

I was born in Arkansas, the third oldest of eight siblings, the wife of Pastor Frank Pulley. I accepted Jesus Christ into my life in 1993, I served as President on the Usher Board and choir member, also mother of the Church at Joy Tabernacle Holiness Church.

As a teacher I taught about baptism, concerning the meaning and understanding the importance of baptism and the appropriate garments to wear when being immersed.

After serving 20 yrs at Joy Tabernacle Holiness church, my husband and I accepted Gods call to go forth to establish Tabernacle of Yeshua Church.